As the clock struck midnight on the 31st of December, multiple members of the Nutrix Personnel team swapped champagne for coffee as they embarked on a month of sobriety. Dry January, more commonly referred to as ‘Dry Jan’, refers to going alcohol-free for an entire month at the beginning of the new year, and is a common new year’s resolution for many people across the country.

Six of those ‘new year, new me’ inspired individuals were members of the Nutrix Personnel team, including our very own Director, Todd Brownson. We’re proud to say that all of them somewhat avoided temptation for all 31 days and so we caught up with a few of the participants earlier this week to hear their thoughts on the experience:


Firstly, are you keeping up Dry January or have you already fallen short?

“I almost fell short last weekend, but I remained strong-willed and treated myself to a non-alcoholic Guinness instead”Todd Brownson

“I have had a few days where I have had the odd pint due to pre-arranged events, but I would normally drink a lot more. I made sure to instead stick to the one drink then swapped to something non-alcoholic. Lucky Saint 0% has certainly saved me on multiple occasions!”Edward Babuniak

“I am indeed keeping up with Dry January. I haven’t had a drink since 2023!”Ash Mirza


For most of the team, they chose to participate because of the associated health benefits. An alcohol-free January has a lot of benefits. Research published in 2018, conducted by the Royal Free Hospital and published in the British Medical Journal, found that a month off helps to lower blood pressure, reduces your risk of diabetes, lower cholesterol and reduce levels of cancer-related proteins in the blood.

What you’re more likely to notice though is your skin visibly improve and brighten, you’ll save a significant amount of money, and you’ll wake up feeling calmer and more refreshed. Edward, for example, found that he didn’t lose out on his morning exercise and had more time on the weekends to get outside and make the most of the day.


How has it impacted your overall well-being? Have you noticed any significant changes?

“I now don’t feel the need to drink unnecessarily. If I simply want a beer now, then I don’t feel as guilty as there are plenty of great alternatives that are alcohol free.”Edward Babuniak

“Definitely. I feel very good and am certainly not addicted to drinking! Long may it continue, with the occasional beer of course.”Todd Brownson

“I feel a lot more focused and determined. I have increased motivation to make a difference when coming into the office.”Ash Mirza


Common difficulties of Dry January can be navigating social settings without drinking or finding an alternative way to wind down after a long day at work. A smart way to combat this is to simply know exactly what you intend to drink and not rely on others to take your order. When looking to relax at home, get creative and make your own mocktails or perhaps explore the many non-alcoholic alternatives that are now sold in supermarkets. Here are few of the ways in which our own staff combatted the typical pitfalls experienced during Dry January:

“I always made sure to order my own drinks at the bar because any time I used to ask a friend to get me something non-alcoholic, they’d give me stick for it or order a beer anyway. I’ve found that Heineken 0.0 and non-alcoholic Estrella are the best options.”Todd Brownson

“It’s very easy to get pressured into having just ‘one’ beer which then inevitably turns into rounds so I prefer to get my own drink. Non-alcoholic beers have really helped though to manage that ‘itch’ for a beer after work.”Edward Babuniak

“When I’m at a social gathering, especially those with my work colleagues, I know that I’ll be busy chatting or networking with others, so I don’t feel obligated to drink. By sticking to non-alcoholic beverages, I can remain fully focused and remain social with others. A refreshing glass of coke or red bull with plenty of ice often does the trick!”Ash Mirza


While most of our team will break their month-long sobriety later this week, the real benefits of Dry January will continue into the rest of the year and hopefully long into 2025. That’s because ‘Dry Jan’ helps people to realise how much they may, or may not, depend upon drink and make healthier choices moving forward. Figures suggest that around 70% of participants will continue to make smarter choices when it comes to drinking post-January and continue to boast better levels of wellbeing while simultaneously being able to have fun, relax, and socialise. So, will our ‘Dry Jan’ graduates continue their good form into February…


Are you looking forward to a drink come the 1st of February or do you plan to continue your sobriety?

“I will not be having a drink on the 1st as I’ve decided to no longer drink and remain sober. It’ll help me to save money and maintain my focus, of which has certainly improved significantly since beginning Dry January”Ash Mirza

“For sure, I’m looking forward to a drink but I’m certainly going to be more considerate with my alcohol intake. Drinking will always be a part of the recruitment culture but there are plenty of other networking activities that don’t involve drinking.”Todd Brownson

“I plan to only have a drink if it’s for a specific reason or event. I’d like to cut down on senseless pints after work and instead replace them with non-alcoholic drinks or a different activity, such as team exercise. There are so many great alternatives these days so it’s much easier to say no to a beer and opt for something else.”Edward Babuniak


Dry January has been a welcomed initiative amongst the Nutrix Personnel team and with a more focused approach to 2024, we’re excited to continue helping healthcare professionals across the United Kingdom progress their respective careers in medicine, nursing, and care.

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