Over the past 6 years, Nutrix Personnel have become one of the UK’s leading healthcare recruitment agencies, supporting the NHS to deliver quality care to all its patients. As we continue to look for ways to improve as an agency, we’re extremely proud to announce that we have now been granted approved supplier status on the prestigious NHS Workforce Alliance.

Our team is extremely privileged to become part of the Workforce Alliance as it reinforces our commitment to help support the NHS with their staffing challenges. Nutrix Personnel act in the best interests of the NHS, providing a wealth of experienced and high-quality healthcare staff. We share a common goal of reducing waiting times, increasing capacity  and putting patient care first and foremost.


The Benefit of Becoming an Approved Supplier

As a newly approved supplier on the NHS Workforce Alliance, Nutrix Personnel are now a prominently listed and recognised agency. This enables our team to access increased opportunities within the healthcare space, collaborating with NHS trusts and other public healthcare providers throughout the United Kingdom. We’re hoping to extend our reach in the forthcoming months to act in the best interests of the NHS.

The approval also solidifies our reputation as a trusted and reliable healthcare provider. Nutrix Personnel have always upheld the highest standards of quality, reliability and excellence when it comes to supporting our clients and becoming an approved supplier only further validates our position as one of the UK’s leading suppliers.

For those in need of our services, the approved supplier status rapidly shortens the procurement process. NHS bodies can now directly contact our lead consultants to book staff with greater ease and confidence. This permits our clients to benefit from quicker response times, helping to alleviate their pressures without unnecessary stress or additional barriers.


Delivering a Quality Service for All

Ensuring a quality service across the NHS should not just be a long-term goal but rather an essential necessity. Through providing highly skilled and experienced staff to public healthcare  settings through the Workforce Alliance, Nutrix Personnel can ensure complete safety and compliance while achieving positive outcomes for all.

As an agency, we uphold a thorough recruitment and screening process that allows our consultants to select only the best individuals. Their dedicated to delivering excellent care is further emphasised by our core values of compassion and professionalism. A hiring process should always be rigorous and in-depth, ensuring expertise and credibility. All our staff undergo regular training and development programs so they’re fully up to date with the latest healthcare advancements.

Nutrix Personnel are here to deliver a quality service to all and ensure that the NHS can focus on what truly matters, delivering exceptional care to all their patients.


Motivated to Improve the Future of Healthcare

We are delighted to have earned this approved supplier status and our team is highly motivated to use this as a stepping stone in our bid to improve the future of healthcare in the United Kingdom. Nutrix Personnel’s Director, Todd Brownson, commented on the recent announcement, saying:

“Our recognition as an approved supplier on the NHS Workforce Alliance framework is a significant step forward in the mission of Nutrix Personnel. We will help to further widen the talent pool for NHS trusts, allowing them to access a broader range of qualified healthcare professionals. It also signifies Nutrix Personnel's commitment to upholding the NHS Workforce Alliance's standards, benefitting both patients and the dedicated healthcare workforce.”

If you are a healthcare facility or professional seeking high-quality staffing solutions, we invite you to get in touch with us. We are here to meet your healthcare staffing needs and will work alongside you to maintain patient care while adhering to framework rates.

Thank you for your trust and support. We are looking forward to the future with great enthusiasm, and we can't wait to contribute more to the success of the NHS.

For inquiries or more information, please contact a member of our team on 0345 260 6280.


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